Stringline Retaining Walls

Product and ServiceStringline can offer detailed, informative and cost-effective solutions to your requirements. This may include: design of your retaining structure, suggesting options that would work for your project, engineering and construction of the retaining wall, a step-by-step insight as how the retaining walls will be built, and assistance in applying for permits and protection work notices when required.

Stringline specialise in: concrete sleeper retaining walls with galvanized uprights; concrete insitu retaining walls; timber sleeper retaining walls with timber uprights; timber sleeper retaining walls with galvanized steel uprights; reinforced besser block retaining walls; segmental block retaining walls; gabion rock retaining walls; and rock retaining walls.

Large concrete structures like Culvert structures, insitu concrete retaining walls, wing walls and weir walls are also available for your project through Stringline Pty. Ltd.

Stringline is Outback concrete sleepers biggest Melbourne-based installer, with the brand backing its product with a 50-year product lifespan. The sleepers are available in sizes ranging from 1800mm to 2400mm – and different looks can be achieved through the one product such as straight lines or segmented radius curved walls. For more details on the sleepers, see their website at


Stringline also uses:

  • Australian made, and recycled products preffered
  • Eco friendly Timbers
  • Assorted rocks from over 30 different quarries and locations throughout Victoria
  • Keeps up-to-date with latest industry products and installement methods