Stringline Retaining Walls

About StringlineCivil Retaining Walls. Commercial Retaining Walls and Concrete Structures

Stringline Pty. Ltd. specialises in all types of retaining walls for civil and commercial clients in the Melbourne area. With over 30 years experience in the construction industry, and over 10 years building retaining walls and structures, we can help you find the solution that best suits your site, style and budget.

Stringline owner, Dave Walsh, understands the importance of strong foundations and quality workmanship that lasts. The reason why, is because he began work in the industry as a bricklayer, went onto be a concreter and then a lead carpenter – hence, understanding the complex process from design to completion of any scale project. Understandably, his significant background in project management and supervision, is complemented by his skills in carpentry, bricklaying and construction sales.

Originating in 2010, Stringline Pty. Ltd. has rapidly secured itself as a competitive and reliable construction company in Victoria.

“One of my key strengths is an ability to interpret technical plans and see how something has to be built. In addition to my professional experience in civil and commercial building construction, I have renovated six of my own properties, and constructed more than 35 homes from the ground-up. My previous experience in construction sales’ roles has also given me an in-depth understanding of how important client relations are to the overall success of a project.”

“I pride myself on liaising with clients and client’s representatives, consultants, engineers, architects and other suppliers. I excel at everything from project management to practical completion, as I can interpret technical specifications, such as geo and engineering reports, architectural and technical plans; and translate that into a project management plan that documents the sequencing of the build to completion. This also involves creating technical drawings for team members to ensure accurate execution of key components of the construction.”

Key Stringline Pty. Ltd. achievements:

  • Urban Wetlands, Caroline Springs ($1.6 million) for Melbourne Water.
  • Tarneit Stage 16, Tarneit ($2 million) for Winslow Constructions.
  • Uni Hill, Stage 1, Bundoora ($620,000), Winslow Constructions.
  • Masters Hardware Store, Dandenong ($380,000); for Vaughan Constructions.